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For Doctors

Savage X-Ray stands apart from most Radiology practices in Brisbane as it is owned and operated by the Radiologist on-site. The fully integrated digital practice offers patient reports e-mailed directly to you with or without the digital images. Dentists, for example, have the possibility to make specific measurements prior to surgery etc from the images you view on your computer via the web or CD.

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What is Digital Imaging?

Delivery of computer acquired images without the usual film and chemical combination making it Environmentally friendly.

CR (Computed Radiography) can minimize radiation dose by reducing the number of repeat radiographs. All the images acquired can be transferred to Laser Film, CD or Web Delivery.

Reports and/or Film can be delivered to you by our courier service.

All the images are stored on our server and are easily accessible for patient follow-up studies. We will bulk bill all patient examinations.